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What's "Shear Wall"? - For safe and comfortable living spaces

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Required shear walls for wooden buildings

If a structure of wooden buildings consists of columns, beams, and bases, the building can be easily deformed. Therefore, if a house is constructed by only those frame members, the house is not strong enough to resist horizontal force caused by earthquakes or typhoons. So, in order to prevent any deformation which may occur in wooden buildings, it is important to either (1) attach "diagonal bracings" between two columns, or (2) attach "structural wall boards" with screws to frames. The wall with the ability to resist such deformation caused by horizontal forces is defined as a shear wall.

"Plasterboard" can be used for shear walls.

Plasterboards do not offer only fire resistance performance but also many other performances. Plasterboards (thickness of more than 12.5 mm) are approved for use in shear walls which conform to the notification of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Government of Japan. Yoshino's 12.5 mm Tiger Glass Rock receives a high evaluation as a wall board for shear walls.

Conventional Construction
12.5 mm Plasterboard: Resistance Factor 1.0
Two-by-Four System
12.5 mm Plasterboard: Resistance Factor 1.5

Resistance Factor: Resistance factor is used for rating the strength of shear walls. A shear wall with resistance factor 1.0 can bear horizontal forces up to 200 kgf per 1 m in width.

Tiger Glass Rock is a wall board suitable for use in shear walls

Tiger Glass Rock consists of gypsum core incorporating glass fibre, and further glass mat embedded in both the face and back of board. This innovative glass fibre reinforced plasterboard provides enhanced "pliability" and "ductility.

Tiger Glass Rock functions superbly as a shear-resisting material in shear walls because of its excellent properties of the glass fibre and glass mat

Shear Wall incorporating Tiger Glass Rock

We have been carrying out the research on performances of Tiger Glass Rock as a shear-resisting material with Professor Sakamoto at the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo in Japan. We have been analyzing stiffness and elasticity of Tiger Glass Rock as shear-resisting materials.

Testing Equipment for Structural Performance of Shear Walls
Maximum Load: 10,000kgf
Maximum Vibration Amplitude: ±200mm
Maximum Size of Test Specimen: 3,000 (width) × 2,730 (height) mm

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